Pall Mall holds a range of classes throughout the week catering for all abilities. Classes include Gym Circuits, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Fitness Run, Pilates Matwork and Hatha Yoga.

For any queries relating to the classes on offer, please email Pall Mall Sports Reception at or call 020 7747 3365.

General Information

Participation in classes is by prior booking only. Upon arrival please show your membership card at Sports Reception.

Please consult a doctor before participating if you have medical issues and inform the instructor of any medical conditions or health issues which may be affected by exercise.

Please ensure your footwear is appropriate for the class and that your trainers have non–marking soles.

The minimum age limit for the adult classes is 16 years old.

One-to-one Pilates and yoga training is also available. Please contact Sports Reception for details.

Outdoor Classes

Outdoor Class Timetable


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Monday Morning
Monday Afternoon12.30-1.00pmPower Circuits
5.00-5.45pmVinyasa Flow Yoga
Tuesday Morning10.00-10.45amIntermediate Pilates
11.00-11.45amAqua Aerobics
11.00-11.45amIntermediate Pilates
Tuesday Afternoon12 noon-12.45pmIntermediate Pilates
1.00-1.45pmIntermediate Pilates
2.30-3.15pmStrong Yoga
5.00-5.30pmPower Circuits
Wednesday Morning8.00-8.45amIntermediate Pilates
9.00-9.45amIntermediate Pilates
10.00-10.45amIntermediate Pilates
Wednesday Afternoon11.00-11.45amStrong Yoga
3.15-3.45pmCore Stability
5.00-5.30pmCore Stability
Thursday Morning10.00-10.45amIntermediate Pilates
11.00-11.45amIntermediate Pilates
11.00-11.45amAqua Aerobics
Thursday Afternoon12 noon-12.45pmIntermediate Pilates
1.00-1.45pmIntermediate Pilates
2.15-3.00pmStrong Yoga
5.00-5.30pmPower Circuits
Friday Morning7.30-8.15amVinyasa Flow Yoga
Friday Afternoon12.30-1.15pmVinyasa Flow Yoga
5.30-6.15pmYin Yoga
Saturday Morning11.30am-12.15pmVinyasa Flow Yoga
Sunday Afternoon12 noon-12.45pmHatha Yoga

Class descriptions

Intermediate Pilates
A challenging class which focuses heavily on the six fundamental principles: center, flow, concentration, precision, control and breathing. This class will be a fine blend of the ‘original 34 exercises’ ensuring that they are followed safely in order to utilise every muscle group to its full potential.


Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga focuses on physical and mental strength, building exercises and postures, purification procedures, breathing practices and meditation. It is also recognised as a stress-reducing practice. Regular participants will notice an increase in energy levels as well as muscle definition. Muscle pain and tightness will decrease as well as an improvement in circulation.


Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga, in which movements are synchronized with the breath, is a term that covers a broad range of yoga classes. It is called flow yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses run together. The breath becomes an important component as the teacher instructs movement from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.


Yin Yoga
Yin is a therapeutic style of yoga that is meditative and slow paced, thus it helps to balance an active lifestyle. Stretches are held for longer periods, to allow the body to soften deeper into the postures. This practice encourages flexibility and mobility, whilst encouraging healing and realigning of the body’s connective tissues.


Power Circuits
This intense 30-minute class consists of cardiovascular and weight training across fourteen pre-chosen exercises stations. There is limited rest between each station. A dynamic warm-up and cooldown is given with each class.


Strong Yoga
A vigorous physical practice which builds fitness, flexibility and endurance through yoga postures and core work. A great yoga workout which focuses on injury reduction and enhancing athletic performance by increasing strength and flexibility in the legs and hips. This class is open to all levels but will be somewhat challenging.


Aqua Aerobics
Aqua Aerobics is a cardiovascular class that will help you lose weight. As the class is taken completely in the water, the workout is easier on your joints. This 45-minute class takes place in the Pall Mall swimming pool and can burn up to 600 calories. Beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers are all welcome.


Core Stability
This class will involve a creative mix of exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen the spine, create symmetry in the limbs and stabilize the entire musculature. Open to people of all abilities.