Pall Mall holds a range of classes throughout the week catering for all abilities. Classes include Gym Circuits, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Aqua Aerobics, Fitness Run, Pilates mat work and Hatha Yoga.

Class Instructors

Shaheena Dax - Yoga Instructor

Shaheena has a background in competitive ice-skating, music, performance and drama. She has completed the International Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vinyasa Flow Yoga here in London and has been practicing Yoga for more than ten years.

She teaches a blend of all the things she has learnt over the years such as slower paced stretch work, dynamic flow work, with a few physio and dance moves thrown in.


Alex West - Yoga Instructor

Alex has been teaching Yoga at the Club since 2003. His knowledge of the energy systems of Yoga combined with a practical understanding western anatomy and physiology to underpin clear and precise explanations that facilitate both your achievement in and understanding of Yoga.

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Susie Ellis - Yoga Instructor

Susie pays close attention to the needs of her clients to ensure they are reaping the benefits depending on their abilities.

Her early morning rejuvenating practice begins with sun salutations, followed by restorative standing and seated postures.

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Hannah Blackburn - Pilates Instructor

Hannah comes from an active background of dance and swimming and over the last few years has fallen in love with the practices of Yoga and Pilates due to their focus on the mind-body connection.

Hannah has been practicing Yoga and Pilates for over five years and believes in the two as complimentary to one another in helping the human body stay supple and strong.

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Katy Harvey - Pilates Instructor

Katy has been lucky enough to train with a variety of Pilates master teachers both in America and London. She takes pride in sharing this wonderful method and its multitude of benefits. She is a firm believer that by taking the time and care to restore our bodies, we can simultaneously revitalise our mind and spirit.


Gym and Personal Training

The Club is proud to partner with Technogym and boasts the latest ARTIS line of equipment at both clubhouses. ARTIS…
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