Club Vision and Values

Our purpose is to delight our members and seek to promote the best interests of motoring and motorsport.

Our vision is a club which delivers excellence and value in all that it does.

Our enduring ambitions are for:

  • A thriving and enthusiastic membership.
  • Facilities, services and activities which members rate as excellent quality and value.
  • First class, memorable and engaging motoring activities.
  • Sustainable property and operations which improve our efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • A destination employer with high engagement and retention.

Members, management and staff are guided by the Club’s values:

  • To focus continually on the needs of members as the basis of the Club’s present and future health.
  • To encourage tolerance and consideration between members, within a diverse member-owned club.
  • To encourage a welcoming and friendly environment for members and their guests.
  • To respect the Club’s heritage – motoring, social, sporting and architectural – within a sustainable contemporary context.
  • To provide a wide variety of high-quality facilities and services that are good value for money and exceed members’ expectations.
  •  To maintain the highest standards of club management for all members and employees.

The Club’s current priorities include:

  • Maintaining and developing the Pall Mall clubhouse to the highest standards
  • Continuing to develop Woodcote Park into a highly desirable and family friendly country club.
  • Sustaining clubhouse operations at a high level of excellence.
  • Becoming a recognised employer of choice.

The purpose and values of the Club as a national institution require the Club to retain some personal information for extended periods of time, in order to sustain the Club’s heritage.