Children at Woodcote Park

Woodcote Park provides a wide range of facilities for families and children. In particular, the Walled Garden includes an indoor children’s pool, a soft play facility and numerous play areas for children of various ages and the Woodland includes a range of outdoor play equipment and areas to explore.

Children of all ages are very welcome in all areas except Stirling’s Restaurant and the Hurricane Bar, where only children aged seven and over are allowed (at any time).

On the golf courses and in the Cedars Sports Centre there some restrictions determined by the type of activity being conducted. Some events may also only be suitable for certain age groups.

Members are asked to ensure that children behave appropriately for the area of Woodcote Park they are using and pay due consideration to the other members who are enjoying the facilities.

Breastfeeding is permitted in all areas of the Club where children are allowed. If you would like somewhere private, please ask at reception and every effort will be made to accommodate you if a suitable space is available.

The team at Woodcote Park look forward to welcoming you and your family.