Business Meetings and Electronic Devices

Telephone calls

Telephone calls may only be made or taken in the phone booths on the ground floor (near the Club Shop) in the Simms Centre Communications Room or in meeting rooms.

Smartphones and tablets

Smartphones and tablets may be used in silent mode in all areas of the clubhouse except in:

  • any changing rooms, to ensure the privacy of other users
  • the Turkish Baths (other than in a cubicle by a member who is sleeping there overnight)


Laptops may only be used in:

  • the Simms Centre
  • the Library
  • pre-booked banqueting rooms and bedrooms

Business meetings and papers

Business meetings with electronic devices and papers may only be held in the Simms Centre or within a banqueting room booked for that purpose. They may never be held in the Club Room, restaurants, or other public rooms in the clubhouse.