The Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery is the Club’s curated exhibition and gallery space.

Located on the lower ground floor of the Pall Mall clubhouse, the Picture Gallery displays a diverse range of exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing unique works from local and international artists, illustrators and photographers.

Most exhibitions in the Picture Gallery are commercial, with works available to purchase. We also welcome submissions from members and friends of members.

For further information about purchasing an artwork or exhibiting in the Picture Gallery, please email or call 01372 229640.

Current Exhibition

Racing in the Rain

Richard Neergaard

Friday 2 July to Friday 3 September

Richard’s passion has always been cars, including building a car to race and doing track days.

After studying at University of the Arts in London, Central Saint Martins and The Art Academy, Richard combined his artistic side with his passion for sports cars to integrate the engineering excellence of exotic cars with the artistic presentation to make art which projects this excellence.

He makes art with original exotic, race or classic car parts. There are a lot of “man-cave” decorations made from car parts, but his concept goes further to make real art pieces which are beautiful enough to hang in living rooms, not just a den or office, and which have interesting stories behind them. He develops his own one-off pieces but can also be commissioned if you have a car part you prefer to display artistically than leave in a box in a garage.

His pieces are displayed in the British Motor Museum and Jaguar Heritage Museum in Warwick and the Automobile Driving Museum in Los Angeles. He has been commissioned by McLaren F1, Alfa Romeo F1 and Williams F1 for works at their HQ’s.

Richard also brings the world of water to life with unique high gloss resin works including splashes, raindrops and driving in the wet. The two themes are combined in this ‘Racing in the Rain’ exhibition at the Royal Automobile Club. Despite the water theme, the face of the resin art pieces are actually waterproof, making them an outstanding choice in bathrooms and kitchens where other art might suffer from humidity or splatter.

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Recent Exhibitions

Perfect Speed

Will Lansbury

Friday 4 June to Friday 2 July

From the painting of Malcolm Campbell pensively waiting with his Bluebird on Daytona Beach to the photograph of Mike Hawthorn powering out of Lavant Corner at Goodwood we have a rare glimpse of drivers striving for that perfection.

The posters of the Monaco Grand Prix describe the perfect glamour of the event, the spectators sipping champagne blissfully unaware of the just how close the cars are getting to the barriers as the drivers go for their perfect lap.

This is not just an exhibition of drivers striving for perfection, it is a slice of motor sport history.

Rose Gallery: Art To Live With

David Merrigan

Friday 7 May to Friday 4 June

Rose Gallery sources paintings dating from the 18th Century onwards: in oil, watercolour and other media; by artists new and known; from all over the world. One thing unites these artists: they have all produced Art To Live With – beautiful paintings that give joy to life.

This exhibition draws together paintings from (and of) four continents: Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe, in a variety of media; and includes several living artists. We hope that you find something that inspires you!

Richard T Rees FSAI, VPPS, SocAA

Richard Rees is an oil pastel and oil painting artist, who was formerly an architect and illustrator (specialising in designing large scale city masterplans up to 2013).  This exhibition includes his work in oil pastels from 2014 – 2020 plus some recent oil paintings.

Many of Richard’s works are vibrant oil pastel images of towns and cities around the world, focusing on aspects of the built environment, such as rooftops, streets, bridges, and façades, occasionally juxtaposing these with natural elements, such as water or the surrounding landscape.  The exhibition reflects this content and also includes a few A4 oil pastel sketches prepared for larger works.

Richard is the Chairman and a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators (FSAI).  He is Secretary to the Society of Artists in Architecture (SocAA) and Vice President of the Pastel Society (UK). He exhibits with the Pastel Society, NEAC, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, (all at the Mall Galleries) and the SocAA. He has had oil paintings in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.   In 2015 he had a solo exhibition at Abbott and Holder in Museum Street, London, entitled ‘Patterns of Settlement’.

Website:   Instagram: artyrees

Will Lansbury – Racing Forward

December 2020

From Dick Seaman in the 1930s to Lewis Hamilton in the modern era, all drivers show a relentless will to succeed.

Racing Forward took us on a journey from the jazz age, through the elegant 1950s, the swinging 60s and into the turbo-charged 1980s. Motor racing is packed with inspirational characters like Sir Stirling Moss, Mike Hawthorn and Sir Jackie Stewart and there are the record breakers like Malcolm and Donald Campbell, real heroes who faced a trip into the unknown every time they sat in their machines.

This exhibition followed the evolution, the leaps and bounds in technology that is always Racing Forward.