Staff Values

We are one club, with one team, seeking to achieve one standard of excellence across two clubhouses. All this passion can be summed up in the word HEARTS, which stands for Heritage, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Trust and Sustainability. These are the values that flow through our veins. More importantly, they are the values we will expect you to live by.


Our rich motoring, social, sporting and architectural heritage runs through the fabric and the nature of the Club. It is what makes us different. Whatever our role at the Club, we all play our part in respecting and nurturing this heritage, now and for the future.


Excellence is not an achievement; it is something we strive for every day. Excellence is the courtesy of your undivided attention. Moment by moment, our commitment to excellence makes all the difference and creates memories which last a lifetime.


We take ownership of our work, meeting our own high standards, honouring our commitments and acting with professionalism. We are honest at all times, creating a culture of trust, and working together to exceed members’ expectations.


We always show consideration and understanding to our members and colleagues and work as a team player. We listen to others and are open to and respect their opinions. We are tolerant and treat others with courtesy.


Trust is hard earned but easily lost. Earning and maintaining it requires us to act with fairness, honesty and integrity. We proactively do the right thing, regardless of whether anyone will know we did it or not.


Acting with sustainability in mind helps to reduce the Club’s environmental impact, improves our efficiency and builds our reputation. We can all, in small ways or large, whatever our role, contribute to improving the Club’s sustainability.

If you can live these values, you will see your efforts recognised and your potential nurtured in an organisation that is full of individuals who have come up through the ranks, learned new skills or taken their careers in surprising new directions.