Guest Fees and Guardian Passes

Members are very welcome to bring guests into the Walled Garden, upon payment of the relevant guest fee (which varies according to the age of the guest).

If you are a Full Member and you would like another adult – such as a grandparent or a nanny – to be able to accompany your Woodcote Junior to enjoy the Walled Garden, then an annual Guardian Pass is the answer.


Woodcote Juniors may bring guests who are of a similar age to themselves into the Walled Garden, who will be charged a guest fee. They may not bring teenage or adult guests. The children must be accompanied by an adult who is either a Full Member or a Guardian Pass holder.

Junior Members (13-17) do not need to be accompanied if they use the Walled Garden. They may also bring guests who are of a who are of a similar age to themselves (not adults), who will be charged a guest fee.

Full Members may bring guests of any age into the Walled Garden upon payment of the guest fee.

Guest Fees

Fees apply for each day, however long you stay in the Walled Garden or whatever activity you are taking part in. You may leave the Walled Garden and return later in the same day for one fee payment.

  • 0-2 years: complimentary
  • 3-4 years: £9.75
  • 5-12 years: £14.50
  • 13-17 years: £17.30
  • Adults: £17.30 during peak periods*, £8.70 at all other times.

*Peak periods are weekends (all day Saturday and Sunday), Bank Holidays and school holidays.

Guardian Passes

Full Members may purchase an annual ‘Guardian Pass’ for adults who regularly accompany Woodcote Juniors to the Walled Garden – such as a grandparent or a nanny, for example.

A Guardian Pass allows a named individual to accompany a Woodcote Junior while they are in the Walled Garden to attend an activity or just to have fun in the many facilities there. Pass holders may also visit Cedars Sports to accompany a Woodcote Junior or Junior Member when they are taking part in an activity there (including taking part in a family swim session together). However, a Guardian Pass does not permit the holder to access the wider estate unless they are accompanied by a Full Member.

Guardian Passes may be purchased for £263.00 per annum from January to December. Passes purchased part way through a year will be charged on a pro rata basis. Please use the link on the right of this page to apply.

Each Full Member may have up to two Guardian Passes linked to their membership at any time. The Full Member is responsible for ensuring that the Guardian Pass holder is aware of the relevant rules of the Club and of which areas of Woodcote Park they may access.

Guardian Pass holder must be aged at least 18.