The Downs Trail

The Downs Trail is a footpath for members just inside the western perimeter of the estate.

It allows members and their guests to enjoy a walk from the woodland, along the side of the Coronation Course, past the reservoir and out to the Centenary Wood in Langley Vale.

Information for Walkers

Downs Trail Map

The Downs Trail is approximately 800m (½ mile) long and starts in the southern end of the woodland (which is between the clubhouse and the Walled Garden).

It is open between 7.00am and 10.00pm (or dawn to dusk if shorter) every day except the day of the Club’s golf championship in June.

There is a gate at the end which will enable you to leave the estate and join a bridleway. From there you can walk to the 641 acre Centenary Wood in Langley Vale and beyond.

Much of the route runs alongside the golf course. It has been carefully planned with your safety in mind so please:

  • dogs must be kept on a lead at all times (a standard length one, not one which allows them to roam) on the Downs Trail
  • please do not leave the marked route
  • please do not stop for refreshment breaks along the route
  • follow the instructions on the signs along the route
  • watch out for golfers playing a shot
  • if you hear a shout of ‘fore’, turn your back and protect your head
  • as you leave the estate, watch out for any horses using the bridleway.

Golf balls should not come onto the Trail route unless they have been mis-hit. Also, golfers should not play any shots while you are within range but they may not always see you.

To avoid disrupting the golf, please:

  • keep quiet while any shots are being played
  • do not use your mobile phone except in an emergency
  • supervise young children
  • do not touch any golf balls you see.

Bicycles are not permitted along the Trail and please take any litter away with you. Please also respect the privacy of our neighbours as you pass their gardens.

If you require assistance, please call clubhouse reception on 01372 276311.

Information for Golfers

  • Do not play if there is a Trail user visible and in range of the shot. If you are acknowledged by a Trail user and waved on to play, you may then do so. Trail users have right of way.
  • Ensure the copse of trees to the left of the 14th hole is clear of Trail users before playing. This copse is out of bounds and is defined by white posts and a white line.
  • Shout ‘fore’ if a ball is heading in the direction of the Trail even if you don’t see any Trail users present.
  • The Trail is marked by white and green posts and is deemed an integral part of the course, unless within the afore mentioned out of bounds area. Balls finishing on the Trail should be played as they lie with the white and green posts being moveable obstructions. A moveable obstruction means that if your ball, stance, or area of intended swing is affected by the marker post, you may move the post out the way, take your shot, and replace the post.
  • Any health and safety incidents must be reported to a member of staff as soon as possible, as normal.