Open Tennis Tournaments

Open Tennis Tournaments

Entries are now available for the Adult Open Tennis Tournament. Please note that members must enter with a partner for the doubles events (Ladies’, Men’s and Mixed). Finals for the tournaments will take place on Saturday 3 September.

All entries must include a membership number and sent to 

You can view and download the 2022 Open Tennis Tournaments below:

Men’s Singles

Men’s Doubles

Ladies Singles

Ladies Doubles

Mixed Doubles

General rules

  • The tournament referee is Mark Nash: email address is (
  • The tournament committee is Dawson Bunn, Tracey Chatterton, Barry Hewer and Mark Nash. The decision of the tournament committee is final.
  • ALL matches must be played by the specified date. All players in the draw are responsible for arranging the match. In the event that a match has not been completed by the specified “play by” date the referee reserves the right to scratch players from the tournament. If there is a problem in arranging a match the referee should be informed as soon as possible.
  • Players should ensure that sufficient court time is booked for the match to be completed. Tournament matches DO NOT have priority over other court bookings. If a match has not been finished it should either be continued, or replayed, at a later date.
  • Matches MUST NOT be played during the regular weekly club sessions without express permission from the tournament referee. Players will be required to IMMEDIATELY vacate that court if it is required for club use. In addition, club balls will not be provided, and should not be used, under any circumstances, for tournament matches.
  • Matches are a best of three sets with tiebreaks in all three sets

Tennis Social Events

The following events for social Tennis events are planned for:

Saturday 30 April, 2.00pm
Friday 24 June, 7.00pm
for the Dinner Dance
Thursday 6 October, 9.30am
Saturday 3 December, 2.00pm
for the Christmas Round Robin