Personal Trainers at Cedars Sports

Chris Dundas-Willett - Gym Manager

Chris joined the team in 2012 having previously worked as a Personal Trainer for Nuffield Health. As Gym Manager, Chris is responsible for the efficient running of the gym and makes it his priority to up hold high standards and ensure a professional service is offered to members at all times.

As a Personal Trainer, Chris works with a wide range of clients and is accomplished at adapting his training style to meet each individual’s needs, goals and experience. To keep his sessions enjoyable and his clients motivated he uses a wide range of traditional and more innovative training techniques, always adding variety to their workouts.


Suzie Adams - Studio Co-ordinator/ Pilates Instructor

Suzie coordinates the Cedars studio class timetable which includes over 30 classes covering a wide range of sessions including Pilates, Body Conditioning, Zumba, Yoga and Tai Chi, as well as various circuit/gym based training sessions with the Gym Team. Suzie also arranges specialist workshops throughout the year to introduce members to new ideas and equipment that they may never have tried before.

Suzie believes that group exercise is a great way to stay motivated, get fit and to meet other Club members.


Barnabe Jolicoeur – Fitness Professional/ Personal Trainer

Barnabe joined the team in 2007 after relocating to Epsom from Mauritius.

As an ex-Olympian Barnabe uses training techniques from his own experiences to motivate and inspire his clients. Whether teaching classes or in personal training sessions, he combines all of the components of fitness to help people progress and achieve their goals.

With the guidance and inspiration of renowned world coaches, Barnabe learnt about motivation, adaptation and is always working to improve his skills. He has brought the same attitude to the Club and applies it to members on a daily basis. Whether they are training for competitive sports or a healthier lifestyle, he always works to their fitness levels.


Nicole Walker – Fitness Professional/ Personal Trainer

Nicole joined us in October 2017 with a mission to help everyone get the ‘exercise bug’!  She is a personal trainer with a passion for combining nutrition with training for the best results. She also enjoys helping nervous beginners get started with exercise. Nicole has qualifications in exercise on (medical) referral for those with chronic health conditions and Pilates. Prior to becoming a trainer four years ago she worked in the corporate world.

Nicole enjoys helping people get healthy and feeling good about their weight  by exercising and eating in a way they are happy to continue for ever.


Suhaib Sumra – Fitness Professional/ Personal Trainer

Suhaib joined the team in 2017 after studying Sport Science at Nottingham Trent University and was previously a Personal Trainer at Lifestyle Fitness Leicester. Through his time at Cedars Sports, Suhaib has trained a variety of clients with a wide range of goals, giving him the opportunity to research and develop as a fitness professional.

With a passion to fitness, Suhaib’s focus as a Personal Trainer is on fitness and nutrition and how it aids longevity, health, quality of life and balance both physically and mentally. He is excited to bring this focus to the Club and wants to help as many members as he can.


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