Purchasing a Guardian Pass

If you would like someone else – a grandparent or a nanny perhaps – to be able to take your Woodcote Juniors to enjoy the Walled Garden, then a Guardian Pass is the answer.

A Pass allows a named individual to accompany a Woodcote Junior while they are in the Walled Garden to attend an activity or to have fun in the many facilities there. Pass Holders may also visit Cedars Sports Facility when Woodcote Junior or Junior Member activities are being held there, this includes Family Swim Days. However, it does not give the Pass Holder access to the wider estate unless they are accompanied by a Full Member.


Guardian Passes can be purchased for £250.00 per annum from January to December and will be charged on a pro rata basis during the year.

Two passes per family may be purchased and are for adults aged over 18.

Please click here to apply online. Alternatively, if you would like an application form, please email the Membership Team at members@royalautomobileclub.co.uk.

The price above is accurate at the time of publication.