Personal Trainers at Pall Mall

Dan Wise - Gym Manager

Since leaving the porters desk upstairs in Pall Mall to begin working in the gym in 2009, Dan has never looked back.

Dan started off as a Fitness Professional back in 2009 and has moved up to Gym Manager. He is available to be booked in for gym inductions as well as fitness one to one training. Dan offers a fun and adaptable approach to training and has experience training across all age groups.


Pablo Zapata - Fitness Professional

Pablo’s passion for fitness started when he moved to London in 2006. After joining the Club in the same year, Pablo studied for his Level 2 and 3 Diploma in fitness in 2011 which allowed him to move jobs in the Club as a Fitness Professional.

As well as being a fully qualified masseur, Pablo’s knowledge of the human body and how it works allows him to produce great results for those wanting to train with him. Pablo is available to be booked in for gym inductions as well as fitness one on one training.


Helen Kamya - Fitness Professional

Helen is a friendly, fun, and approachable fitness mentor, and she has gained extensive experience in fitness since starting in the club shop in 2005.

She offers training to run 5k, 10k or full marathon, boxing, HITT, weightlifting, general fitness, and health-driven weight loss. She has also run 6 half-marathons and 2 full marathons, so she is very familiar with the effort that goes into improving your fitness levels.


Nora Balint - Fitness Professional

Nora joined The Royal Automobile Club at Pall Mall in 2009. She has always had a keen interest in health and fitness. She graduated from university in 2008 with a master’s degree in Health Psychology, which she believes plays an important role in helping her clients to bring about behaviour changes to improve their health and lifestyle.

Nora works in a very holistic manner taking into account her clients’ individual needs, lifestyle and perceived barriers to achieve their goals, which may range from weight-loss, reducing stress and fatigue, improve confidence and overall well-being.