Staff Fund and Discretionary Gratuities

As an organisation where all members should expect to be treated equally and to enjoy the highest possible standards of service, the Club has long had a policy that members and their guests should not be expected to offer tips to staff.

However, the Club does understand that there are occasions when members or their guests may wish to make a gesture of thanks. Such recognition may be offered through the Staff Fund or as a discretionary gratuity.

Staff Fund

The Staff Fund is the main means for members and guests to thank all junior staff who contribute to your enjoyment of the Club. It is distributed shortly before Christmas each year.

Contributions can be made at the main or sports receptions in either clubhouse or by emailing with your name, membership number and how much you would like to contribute. This will then be charged to your member account.

Discretionary Gratuities

Following a review in 2018/19 the Board decided that the Club remains a no tipping environment where members and guests are not expected to tip but may, exceptionally, offer discretionary gratuities in recognition of excellent service. These may only be paid after service and at the point of delivery.

Please note that it is against Club rules for members or guests to tip or pay any form of gratuity either to procure favours or before service.