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Murray Walker OBE (1923-2021)

15 - 03 - 2021

When all the tributes have been paid and the anecdotes and Murraryisms lovingly shared, members of the Club will be delighted to know that, uniquely, they are able to reflect on the life and times of friend and fellow Club member Murray Walker in a wonderfully appropriate place: The Murray Walker Television Room.

Located in Pall Mall and opened by Murray in 2019, the room is only the second place in Pall Mall to bear the name of a racing personality, the other being the Segrave Room. The significance of this was not lost on Murray who said, “I find it very hard to put into words just what it means to me. I was, and remain, completely bowled over.”

His delight was captured in a video interview presented by Simon Arron of Motorsport magazine, assisted by racing commentator Alan Hyde, recorded when the Television Room was opened. Its occasion marked what was almost Murray’s 60th anniversary as a member of the Club, a membership which, as he explains in the film, was very dear to him since his father, Graham Walker, was also once a member.

During this fascinating and enjoyable film, Murray interrupts his recollections of life at the microphone to discuss the memorabilia arranged around the Television Room. Personal highlights include the rear wing given to him on his visit to McLaren and signed by the staff and team, and an original brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, presented to him in 2001.

Reflecting on his career towards the end of the film, Murray says, in characteristically modest fashion, “Those who can, do and those who can’t, talk about it.” As we remember Murray Walker’s hugely compelling and enjoyable contribution to racing, we can only be thankful that his huge talent found its outlet in speech.

Click here to view the interview.