Pall Mall Dress Code

Members and their guests are asked to dress appropriately for the Club environment, time of day and occasion.

Men should wear either a suit or smart long trousers with a collared shirt or polo shirt tucked in. Jackets and ties are not required but you are welcome to wear them if you wish. Women should dress with equivalent smartness.  Military and national dress are also permitted.

There are some exceptions to this, which are set out below along with information about items which are not acceptable.

This dress code applies to anyone aged seven or above.

Cocktail Bar, Drawing Room and Great Gallery

In addition to the general dress code provisions, in these rooms, at all times:

  • men should wear a jacket over a collared, front-buttoning shirt (not a polo shirt)
  • denim of any sort is not permitted.

The jacket is not required in the summer (June to August) and ties are not required at any time.

Sports and Spa Areas

Appropriate sportswear should be worn in the sports and spa areas (including the Turkish Baths and treatment areas) and may also be worn while travelling to and from these areas.

Dressing gowns over sportswear may be worn between your bedroom and the sports and spa areas but only if going via the lifts.

Members should note that when playing Squash at Pall Mall, white clothing only is permitted on court.

Items Not Permitted

The following are not permitted at any time anywhere:

  • cargo/combat style trousers
  • light blue denim, except in the Long Bar at weekends
  • anything which is ripped (by design or otherwise), dirty or stained
  • anything which displays a potentially offensive slogan or is inappropriately revealing (exposed midriffs are not acceptable)
  • hats, caps and hoodies
  • casual boots, hiking shoes/boots, wellington boots and ‘Ugg’-style boots, or any shoes in a distressed condition.

The following are not permitted other than as sportswear in (or travelling to or from) the sports and spa areas:

  • leisurewear (including shorts and T-shirts)
  • items with large logos
  • leggings (even leather) except under dresses
  • flip-flops, casual sandals, sports trainers/sneakers.

Further guidance on footwear can be viewed here.

Outerwear and Luggage

Outerwear and luggage (including umbrellas and carrier bags) may not be kept in the public spaces of the clubhouse, which include the terraces. They must be left in the cloakrooms or your bedroom or can be deposited in the banqueting room if you are attending a function (only when approved by the organiser).


Please adhere to the dress code published for the specific event you are attending. If you are unsure what this is, please check the information in the events listing on the Club website or on your confirmation letter.