After School Clubs

The After School Clubs run from 4.00-5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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The After School Clubs run from 4.00-5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Monday: Nerf Club, 5-8 years
Energetic and exciting Nerf Club brings the thrill of Nerf together with fun, physical activity. Learn the safety points and skills needed to be a Nerf Warrior. Aiming, accuracy, speed and stamina all go into make the ultimate Nerf Champion.

Tuesday: Outdoor Adventures, 7-10 years
There is so much to see and do to help you learn and enjoy the great outdoors. From looking for mini beasts to exploring, children can enjoy themselves whilst learning and staying active. Listen to stories and make the most of what nature has to offer.

Wednesday: Scooter Skills, 7-10 years
Enjoy whizzing around on a scooter whilst playing some fun and exciting games. Enjoy games such as scooter hockey or Human Hungry Hippos. Learn some new and exciting games.

Thursday: Football, 5-8 years
Technical coaching for kids learning the Spanish Tika-Taka, Dutch Coerver and Brazilian Futsal techniques. What your child will develop over the term with these football classes are ‘beyond world class’.

Friday: Multi Activity Sessions, Rotating Age Groups
Why not try out lots of different sports? This club will allow children to try out a new sport each week, from football to basketball, cricket to tennis and more you may never have tried before.


Woodcote Junior: £7.00

Non-Member: £10.00