Woodcote Trophy Tenth Anniversary

A host of competitors past and present, race organisers and sponsors gathered on Wednesday 20 July in the company of Sir Stirling and Lady Moss, at the Pall Mall clubhouse to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Royal Automobile Club Woodcote Trophy race series. Launched in 2006, the series is run by Club member, Duncan Wiltshire’s Motor Racing Legends company. Conceived as a race series for genuine, pre-1956 sports-racers, ten years on this highly respected race series is still going strong.

Peter Read, Chairman of the Club’s Motoring Committee, introduced the evening’s proceedings and thanked Duncan and his team for their hard work over the last ten years in running the Woodcote Trophy so successfully. Peter went on to say, ‘The Royal Automobile Club has promoted many forms of motoring and motor sport since its foundation over one hundred years ago and our long association with Motor Racing Legends allows us to continue to be at the forefront of high profile competitive racing events.’

Motor Racing Legends chairman Duncan Wiltshire explained how it all started, ‘The concept for the Woodcote Trophy was sealed during the Centenary celebrations for the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man in 2005. The Royal Automobile Club gave the idea its full support and instigated the purchase of a new trophy for the Series. The first race was held at the Silverstone Classic on 29 July 2006, where there were 43 cars on the grid – a mixture of Maserati, Jaguars, Coopers, Ferraris and Aston Martins. It was a huge success – and following that race we have never looked back.’

Duncan Wiltshire went on to thank the Club for their ten years of support, commenting that their involvement had been a crucial part of the success of the series. He also reflected on Sir Stirling Moss’s participation in the Woodcote Trophy in the first five years. Duncan commented, ‘Sir Stirling attended the launch of the series ten years ago, so it was highly fitting that he was here at the ten year anniversary.’

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