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Turkish Baths Survey

17 - 01 - 2022

The survey was conducted online between 28 October and 12 November 2021. A total of 1,286 responses were received, which is a high number for a survey of this nature.

103 respondents said that they never use the Turkish Baths, so they automatically skipped the questions which only users would have the knowledge to answer. 193 said that they used the Baths several times a week, 338 weekly and the remainder less frequently.

Overall, the respondents were very positive about their experience of the Turkish Baths. The current balance of men only, ladies only and mixed days is felt to be right, although a significant minority favoured more mixed days. When asked whether any relaxation of the rules or etiquette (such as the rule on silence) should be considered for weekends to attract a wider range of users, 54% said ‘No’, 26% ‘Possibly’ and 20% ‘Yes’.

The dress code is thought to be generally well, if not universally, understood, as are the other rules and the etiquette related to using the Baths. However, there is clearly scope for regularly reminding members of this information to ensure it is well understood and that members feel relaxed about using the Baths even if they are not fully familiar with them.

Some areas were highlighted where there is scope for improvement in the condition of the Baths or the standard of equipment, and these are now being addressed.

Members using the Turkish Baths are required to register with the Sports Reception beforehand. The survey showed that a substantial number of members go straight to the Turkish Baths without registering, so members are reminded of the importance of doing this so that we have an accurate understanding of how many people are using the Baths and when. We will be providing further reminders of the need to register to members using the Baths.

The Sauna and Steam Room are the most popular areas of the Turkish Baths, with most visitors using them. They were followed in popularity by the Heat Room, the Plunge Pool and then the Frigidarium.

Most members are happy with the volume and breadth of the printed reading material on offer.

The results of the survey are being carefully considered by the Turkish Baths Working Group and the Club’s Management Team, together, to identify and implement appropriate actions.