The Motoring Forum - An insight into motoring, past and present

The Club’s Motoring Forum has become a favourite of the London Motor Week festivities, and it didn’t fail to impress in 2017.

Now in its sixth year, members were treated to fascinating presentations, on a variety of automotive and motorsport-related topics, from leading industry speakers, before enjoying the popular and entertaining quiz to finish, hosted by Veteran Car Run Steering Group and Club member, Daniel Ward.

The Club was delighted to welcome Professor Ad van Wijk, one of the most influential, sustainable energy entrepreneurs and innovators in Europe, who gave a fascinating talk on The Future of Motoring. Throughout his presentation, he covered 100 years of the motor car, battery versus hydrogen, fuel cell technology and car park power plants.

Paul Niblett, a former Michelin employee, presented an early history of tyres, covering definitions of the tyre, notable dates in the development of rubber, pneumatic tyres, inflation with nitrogen and much more.

Later, Dr Shaun Crofton hosted an enlightening talk on Safety Helmets and Material Failures, including the next generation of helmets, designs and standards, the standard linear test method, advanced materials and embedded sensors.

Finally, Nick Young provided a thought-provoking insight into Motor Vehicle Registration from 1903 onwards, using a wealth of historic imagery and heritage documents, combined with modern material.

To see the events taking place during London Motor Week, please here.

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