Summertime Consistency Trial 2017 - The Results

Yesterday the Club hosted the final Consistency Trial of 2017, and the fight for first was certainly a close one!

The Summertime Consistency Trial started at 3.00pm as members simultaneously made their way to the start-line for a few practice runs, before recording the first of three timed trials.

A selection of both classic and modern machinery participated in the Trial at Woodcote Park, from a 2016 Audi RS3 Nav Quattro S, a 2004 Lotus Elise and a 2016 Fiat 124 Spider Lusso, through to a 1956 Bristol 405 DHC, a 1978 MG Roadster and a 1975 Jaguar D-type replica.

The route saw each driver tackle the twists and turns of the golfers’ car park, before heading up the Captain’s Drive, where they encountered two tricky chicanes.

Reading the entry list, one might expect the high-performance vehicles, such as the Aston Martin Vantage or the Mercedes SL63 AMG, to come out on top. However, for those who aren’t familiar with consistency trials, it’s not about the power under the bonnet; it’s about precision and patience.

That’s why the cruiser of the pack, a Bristol 405 DHC driven by Mark Alford, delivered the most consistent run times – slow and steady wins the race!

Mark set a benchmark time of 1:18.22 before completing a first run 0.95 seconds slower. In his second run, he recorded a 01:18.77, just 0.40 seconds slower than his benchmark time, scoring him a total of 00:01.35 overall.

But it wasn’t an easy win for Mark, as Jeremy Stafford’s overall difference score was just hundredths of a second off the leader. Jeremy, driving the 2016 Fiat 124 Spider Lusso, recorded a benchmark time of 02:20.77, a first run 02:21.13 and a second run of 02:19.77 – another impressive result.

Concluding the top three was Karen Roebuck, driving her Audi RS3 Nav Quattro S. Karen set a speedy benchmark of 01:00.17 and went on to record 00:58.64 time in her first run. In her second run, Karen set a time of 01:00.68, resulting in an overall difference score of 02.04 seconds.

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