Spring Lamb Consistency Trial 2017

Yesterday saw the Club host its first Consistency Trial of 2017, and what a blast our members had!

Narrowly avoiding the rain, the Spring Lamb Consistency Trial got underway at 3.00pm as the sun broke through the clouds and members simultaneously made their way to the start-line for a few practice runs before recording the first of three timed runs.

A selection of both classic and modern machinery participated in the Trial at Woodcote Park, from a 2005 Renault Clio and 1973 Citroën DS, through to a 2016 Audi RS3, a 2014 BMW i8 and a legendary 1991 Honda NSX – a true reflection of motoring diversity.

The event saw each driver tackle the twists and turns of the golfers’ car park section, before heading up the Captain’s Drive, where they encountered two tricky chicanes.

Looking at the entry list, one might expect the high-performance vehicles, such as the NSX or the Audi RS6, to come out on top. However, for those who aren’t familiar with consistency trials, you would be surprised to find that an understated Volkswagen Cabriolet Mk3 delivered the most consistent run times – slow and steady wins the race in this case…

Jeremy Thomas set a benchmark time of 1:20.42 before completing a second run astonishingly just 0.2 seconds difference and a third run of only one second difference to achieve a total difference time of just 1.2 seconds – an impressive result, especially for someone who didn’t at first appear to be taking the trial all that seriously… (we heard your radio playing with your soft-top lowered, Jeremy!).

The victor said it came as quite a surprise, stating: ‘I’ll need photo evidence, since no-one believes I actually came first!’

The battle for second place, meanwhile, came down to the wire, with just one second separating the two. Nevertheless, it was Marc Hanson driving a 2014 BMW i8 who took the runner-up spot, with a total difference time of 1.35 seconds, ahead of Stephen Linter in a 1978 MG B Roadster who posted a 1.36 second time difference total.

Member Stacey Mutkin, driving a 1973 Citroën DS, said: ‘It was great fun. I really enjoy taking part in the consistency trials. I actually borrowed this car [the DS] from a friend, as my car went bang, so it was my first time behind the wheel of this one!’

Meanwhile, former Motoring Committee member Michael Quinn added: ‘The trials are always a lot of fun and there’s much suspense afterwards to find out who’s set the most consistent times.’

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