Motoring Lectures 2019 - Review

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For 2019 the Club put on its new Motoring Lectures event, featuring six speakers covering a range of topics before concluding with Club member Daniel Ward’s popular Motoring Quiz.

After an introduction to the day by Chairman Ben Cussons, Club member Michael Quin introduced the first speaker, and played host throughout the day.

Members and guests were treated to an eclectic mix of motoring presentations, ranging from tanks, to road signs, to the first female Automobile Club.

The day kicked off with a session from Steve Cropley and Hermann Tilke discussing racing circuits, including the challenges in designing them, as well as a look to the future. Hermann found it difficult to pick a favourite, but if he had to, it would have been the Bahrain race track.

After there was then an interesting talk by Professor Nicholas Oddy about the evolution of our road network. He shed some interesting light on how the road signs of today which are often taken for granted are actually the result of years of refined design.

Afterwards, it was on to the battlefield with Stuart Gibbard’s enlightening and visual presentation on ‘Ploughshares to swords: Lincolnshire’s Contribution to mechanised warfare’. Covering a variety of military vehicle, including designs by the Club’s founder, Frederick Simms, it dismissed several myths around the early vehicles designed for warfare.

Dirk Heilmann spoke on the new 4×4 ‘Grenadier’. Described as a ‘rugged off-roader for those who depend on a 4×4’, Dirk focussed on the challenges bringing the vehicle to a crowded market faced. It has to be different and positioned perfectly for customers to take notice.
Intriguing stuff – it may be a few years before we see one on the road, but there’s certainly plenty of promise.

Professor Rachel Thomson then gave a forward-looking talk on the Motor Car, and what we’re likely to see traversing roads in the future.
Citing much of her current work undertaken at the University of Loughborough which looks at how technology will impact future cars, the talk certainly got us thinking about the potential, and drawbacks of both autonomous and electric cars.

Afterwards it was over to Nicholas Young to offer an account about the little-known story of ‘The Ladies Automobile Club’. Founded in 1903 by Lady Cecil Scott Montagu, its membership was just as keen to celebrate a passion for the automobile as their male counterparts.

The day was rounded off with Club member Daniel Ward’s popular Motoring Quiz. A close-run affair, it was the Royal Automobile Club team composed of Michael Quinn, Chris Rolph, Mark Eichner and Harold Pritchard who proved victorious over the Veteran Car Club team of Adrian Goding, Robert Corry, James Gresham and Clive Boothman. The Club won with 85.5 points to 72.5.

The day’s talks gave a varied and insightful look at the past, present and future world of the automobile, with passionate speakers who brought their topics to life. The Club’s thanks goes to all those who shared their passion on the day.

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