Monaco Grand Prix – Look Back on 90 years with the Library's Holdings

This month we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the first Monaco Grand Prix, the most eye-catching race of the entire Formula 1 series.

Here is a list of the Royal Automobile Club Library’s holdings on the subject.

William W. Crouse, 2009. Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco posters: the complete collection: the art, the artists and the competition, 1929-2009. New York: W. W. Crouse. – fine review of artwork.

Malcolm Folley, 2017. Monaco: inside F1’s greatest race. London: Century. – a recent inside track.

Michael Hewett, 1989. Monaco Grand Prix: portrait of a pageant. Croydon: Motor Racing Publications. – photographic analysis.

David W. Hodges, 1964. The Monaco Grand Prix. London: Temple Press. – informative pocket-book.

Christian Moity, Christophe Montariol, Gérard Flocon; translated by David Waldron, 1996. Le Grand Prix automobile de Monaco (4 vols.). Besançon: Éditions d’Art, J.P. Barthelemy. – comprehensive race-by-race history.

Yves Naquin, 1989. Le Grand Prix automobile de Monaco: story of a legend, 1929-1960. Monaco: Éditions Automobilia. – substantial one volume narrative.

Tony Rudlin, 1983. Mr Monaco: Graham Hill remembered. Cambridge: Patrick Stephens. – for many years Monaco’s most successful driver (before Senna).

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch; Hartmut Lehbrink, 1998. Grand Prix de Monaco: profile of a legend. Köln: Könemann. – large glossy and authoritative tome.

David Waldron, 1995. Grand Prix de Monaco: le regard de Michael Turner. Besançon: Éditions d’Art, J.P. Barthelemy. – compilation of a leading artist.

Further information on any of these books is available through ‘Search the collections’ on this website or directly through: