May Moves Challenge

Take on the challenge to accumulate the highest number of MOVES you can in the gym this May.
Every exercise will generate a MOVES value. Increase your values by attending more regularly, working longer or working harder.

MOVES are a measure of your daily amount of physical activity. The more often you move and the faster you move, the more MOVES you accumulate. Unlike the number of calories burnt, MOVES scores are independent of body weight, so they are a better way of comparing your activity levels with that of your friends.

How do I enter?
1. You must use your “mywellness” account/key (either using the smartphone app or the “mywellness Key”) to log your progress. See a member of the team if you need an account set up.
2. Select ‘Challenges’ and select the May MOVES Challenge
3. Press ‘Join the Challenge’
4. Your results will automatically be added to the Challenge

Any questions for Pall Mall, please email or telephone: 020 7747 3365

Any questions for Woodcote Park, please email or telephone: 01372 229266

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