London Motor Week - An Evening with Hans Stuck

On Monday 30 October, we welcomed former racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck to Pall Mall, marking one of 29 events taking place during the Club’s London Motor Week celebrations.

Stuck, who eagerly walked in the footsteps of his late father (Hans Stuck), competed in several series, including Formula 1 and the Le Mans 24 Hours. It was his father who taught him how to drive on the Nürburgring, thus causing him to catch the motor racing bug.

Members were able to hear of the many successes and challenges he faced, as Stuck provided a personal and unique insight into his passion for motor racing and his fast-paced career.

‘I first drove the Nürburgring when I was nine-years-old with my father,’ Stuck reminded us. ‘I caught the fuel infection at a very young age and made the decision very early on that, if there’s any chance, racing needed to become my life – live hard and drive hard.’

Nearing the end of the evening, Stuck confirmed that his all-time favourite car to drive remains the Porsche 962, but the iconic 1974 BMW 3.0 CLS ‘Batmobile’ – in which he was captured taking off over the Pflanzgarten at the Nürburgring – was ‘by far ahead of its time and marked the beginning of the real touring car era’.

He added: ‘It is a huge honour to be here tonight. I have never been to the Royal Automobile Club before and I am pleasantly impressed. Tomorrow morning (Tuesday 31 October), I am also delighted to be giving a presentation in the Motoring Lectures on my experiences of driving the Nürburgring.’

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