Discounted Car Parking for Club Members in Trafalgar Square

Members are now eligible to receive a 25% discount on all pre-booked parking at the Q-Park at Trafalgar Square SW1A 2TS, the closest to Pall Mall.

To redeem your discount simply follow steps one (product) and two (your details) and add the promotional code RAC25TRAFG on step three (Order Overview).

Pre-Booking Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre-booking?
Pre-booking means you can prepay for your parking and have less to worry about on the day of your trip. It saves time and starts your day with ease.

Does pre-booking guarantee a space?
As most of Q-Parks bookings do not specify an arrival time it is not always possible for you to enter immediately if the site is busy. Q-Park cannot guarantee that a space will be available at all times of the day of booking but in the unlikely event that the car park is full, the next free space after your arrival would be yours. The team on site will work hard to get you in as soon as possible. In the extremely unlikely event that the car park remains full we would offer you an alternative.

How do I pre-book?
All bookings are done online by going to the car park page you would like to book. Click on the green button and follow the instructions.
We are unable to take your booking over the phone.

How do I know my booking has been successful?
You will be sent an email confirmation and a receipt.
It will also appear in your My Q-Park account

How can I pay?
By Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, or Amex.

How does my booking work?
Full instructions will be sent to you when you book and these do vary by site depending on location.

What do I do if the time I want to book is not available?
Q-Park have some generic timed bookings that might suit you. Including 5 hours, 9 hours and 24 hours that start from the time of arrival.
If Q-Park don’t have anything suitable you are always welcome to park and pay on site if you wish.

For more information on pre-booking, please click here.

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