Hunters & Frankau Cigar Supper Review

Hunters & Frankau Cigar Supper Review

How to describe the Hunters & Frankau cigar dinner last month in the Terrace Room? As proceedings ended with a Por Larranaga Sobresalientes, a “first class” evening just about covers things. After all, that is the translation of “sobresalientes” from Spanish into English.

The event began with three types of caviar – Oscietra, Platinum and Siberian sturgeon – provided by Laura King of King’s Fine Food, which boasts supplies of these and four other types among a range of delightful bites. Laura, who attended to serve her family’s finest, provided insight into the characteristics of each caviar and assisted guests with fork-free consumption as caviar of this quality demands. Those in attendance gave full attention to which of the trio they favoured. Indeed, some dwelt on the matter while enjoying a pre-supper smoke.

The pre-supper cigar, A Robaina Vegas Familares, from 1999, was provided by the Corinthia Hotel. Adam Lajca the head cigar sommelier there, explained ahead of supper being served, that while this was a cigar not listed for sale at the hotel, those round that table who found their way to the garden terrace, might be able to avail themselves of one by mentioning their Royal Automobile Club association.

Supper itself was the Club’s usual high standard, and to finish there was the Sobresalientes accompanied by 15-year-old Havana Club Rum to complement the cigar. Jemma Freeman, Hunters & Frankau matriarch and managing director, of whom is the latest generation of her family to take the chair, introduced the cigar. A guest expressed regret at having already enjoyed his ahead of supper, to which Jemma’s response was to give him her own. The karma of such generosity was rewarded with windless and dry weather for the evening, which meant the adjoining terrace was embraced by members after table service had concluded. Sobresalientes also translates as “distinction”, another word that sums up the Hunters & Frankau cigar supper for this year.

A review written by the host of the evening, Colin Cameron.

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