From the Bookshelf - Chacun à son goût, 2019

Looking over what the Club Library has acquired this past year, ‘the car’s the star’ once again. It’s natural enough I suppose that marque-oriented material is more prevalent in the motoring publishing market as it’s a tightly conscripted area: research tends to be more focused as often there are fewer sources to consult generally.

Those books whose aim is to lay out a single genre of motoring or motor sport in a defined timespan – well, it’s likely that those sources are more disparate as it’s a looser construct by definition.

That’s not to say necessarily that the former is easier to produce than the latter – just different. Here are some examples of books published recently that illuminate the thesis – it’s hardly proven but interesting to air.

Alvis, Austin, and Citroën, for example, all feature in the ‘guide to’ marque-models. Good authoritative references such as these are essential in giving you an overview of both the marque itself and the wider production car market.

American drivers at Le Mans provides a good example of cross-fertilisation where biography and endurance racing clash. Taking on the challenge of chronicling a country’s motor car production must incorporate a large range of source materials! And overseeing an entire decade’s motor racing is no mean feat either.

Drag yourself away from the turkey, get down to the garden shed once again, and continue the research, whatever the inspiration – Happy Christmas!


Matthew Vale, 2019. Alvis: the complete story. Ramsbury, Wiltshire: Crowood Press.
James Stringer, 2019. An Austin anthology vol. II. Dorchester, Dorset: Veloce Pub.
Malcolm Bobbitt, 2019. Citroën 2CV: Different is Everything. Stroud, Gloucestershire: Amberley Pub.
Tim Considine, 2018. Twice Around the Clock: The Yanks at Le Mans. Clarksville, TN: Toll Hall Sexton Books.
Peter Grimsdale, 2019. High Performance: When Britain Ruled the Roads. London: Simon & Schuster.
Alessandro Silva, 2019. Back on Track: Racing in the 1940s. Brescia, Italy: Fondazione Negri.

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