The Beaujolais Run Leaves Woodcote Park

Combining a love of motoring and wine, every autumn an eclectic group of automobiles make their way from English countryside to French vineyards for the first Beaujolais wine sales of the year. The journey is known as the Beaujolais Run, all in honour of the humble grape.

On Monday 14 November, a group of vehicles, including some driven by Club members, arrived at the Epsom clubhouse following their departure from Goodwood, en route to the Eurotunnel. Parked in front of the fountain was a variety of incredible cars, ranging from a screaming Ferrari 430 to one of only six Bristol Fighters ever made.

Welcoming participants at a reception in the Cedar Room was John Surtees’ daughter Leonora, who is a trustee of the Henry Surtees Foundation, the nominated charity of the Run. Leonora, who had never been to Woodcote Park before, was given a brief tour, which included a visit to the plaque laid at the foot of the Captain’s Drive, commemorating the day in 2013 when her father drove his MV Augusta motor cycle and Surtees Formula 1 car up the Captain’s Drive.

Other famous faces to have competed in the event include Sir Stirling Moss OBE, Mike Brewer, Damon Hill OBE, Eddie Jordan (and his band), Henri Le Conte, Des Lynam OBE, Nigel Mansell CBE, Norman Dewis, David Richards CBE and David Brabham.

After the reception, the group posed for a photo at the top of the clubhouse stairs, before continuing their journey up the Captain’s Drive and on to the Tattinger Champagne House in Reims, France.

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