Art of Motoring Exhibition

Royal Opera Arcade Gallery
Monday 31 October – Saturday 5 November

Automotive art has developed to reflect the flourishing variety of artistic styles. The motor car is always the focus of the artwork, yet so much more is now incorporated as will be evident in the paintings exhibited in the Royal Automobile Club’s Art of Motoring Exhibition. This year is no exception, with 15 leading artists and sculptors showing off their wonderful skills and imagination.

The Art of Motoring Exhibition will include the work of some 15 artists at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery at 5b Pall Mall, just a stone’s throw from the Club’s Pall Mall premises, from Monday 31 October until Saturday 5 November 2016. The exhibition is free to attend.

This year is the 40th anniversary of James Hunt’s 1976 Formula 1 World Championship victory. To commemorate this anniversary, award-winning artist Jeremy Houghton was commissioned by the James Hunt Foundation to produce an official collection of paintings depicting each of the races that Hunt won that year. These paintings will form a special feature to the iconic racing driver.

Displayed over the two floors of the gallery will also be paintings by Britain’s leading motoring artists including John Ketchell, Tim Layzell, Gary Whinn, Roy Putt, Geoff Bolam and Richard Wheatland.

Artist Fact File:

John Ketchell – Has an immediately recognizable, semi-abstract style.
Richard Wheatland – Richard’s paintings grace collections worldwide and are much admired for their high level of accuracy and meticulously researched technical and historical details.
Geoff Bolam – Utilizes aluminium bodywork as a background for his creations.
Roy Putt – Celebrates bygone days in motoring bringing a true vision of nostalgia into his artworks.
Tim Layzell – Tim has two distinct art styles, one reflecting the unique tones of colour photography of the 1950s and early 1960s. The other, his ‘pop art’ style with solid blocks of colour and strong black lines.
Peter Hearsey – Peter is one of a handful of automotive artists producing etchings.
Jonathan Carter – Also known as Joff, uses a loose painted background on to which he layers a virtual collage of hand-drawn imagery, vignettes and snippets of memorabilia, creating storied pieces that reveal a little more with every closer inspection. To finish, he works into the piece with a variety of media, from oil to pastel, pencil and charcoal.
Gary Whinn – Blending the traditions of automotive and figurative art, Gary’s paintings frequently dramatize romantic scenarios played out against a backdrop of iconic cars.

The Art of Motoring Exhibition will be open for public viewing from 10.00am to 6.00pm daily with the majority of the works for sale, although browsers are equally welcome.

Dress code: Casual

This exhibition is open to the public.

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