50 Years of the Italian Job - Review

The Club was delighted to celebrate 50 years since The Italian Job film was released in what is also the year of MINIs 60th birthday. In addition, the occasion also marked the release of Matthew Field’s book ‘Self-Preservation Society’, which offered a behind-the-scenes account of the making of the film.

Several actors from the film and its Oscar-winning producer joined members for what proved to be a brilliantly British affair. When guests entered and saw the red, white and blue Minis in the rotunda, they knew they’d arrived for the right event.

After first sampling some drinks and appropriately Italian canapes, guests sat down to enjoy an onstage interview with some of the cast and crew, hosted by the author, Matthew Fielding. Occupying the seats on stage with Matthew were:

• Oscar-winning Producer, Michael Deeley
• Robert Powell who played Yellow
• David Salamone who played Dominic and drove the red Mini
• Hazel Collinson, wife of the film’s Director, Peter Collinson

There were some fascinating insights from the chat. Hazel Collinson recounted the story of being asked to audition for the part of the partner of one of the film’s henchman and being chosen for the part based on her blonde hair and British looks over her dark-haired Italian counterparts. David Salamone, who was also responsible for finding most of the cars in the film, explained the difficulty of having to get the stunts right almost first time, every time, due to the lack of cars available. Unlike a modern cinema production, they didn’t have the might of a major manufacturer providing them with a host of cars to write off in the stunts.

TV star Edd China attended the event with his wife Imogen, whose father, Pat Moore was perhaps the person who created the most-memorable part of the film. Pat was the special effects man who was responsible for “Blowing the bloody doors off!”.

To view images from the event click here

View the three MINIs brought in for the evening here

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