2016 Motoring Book of the Year Winners Announced

The Club is proud to announce the recipient of the 2016 Motoring Book of the Year Award, Brian Redman, for Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks (Evro Publishing) described as a book on ‘probably the greatest racing driver you’ve never heard of’. Eric Verdon-Roe accepted the award on Brian’s behalf.

The judges also recognised a Specialist Book of the Year, as a work representing outstanding research and endeavour, awarded to Jonathan Wood for his work Squire: The Man, the Car, the Heritage (Classic Motor Cars Ltd).

The awards were presented by Club Chairman Tom Purves at an annual ceremony held at the Pall Mall clubhouse on Wednesday 2 November, attended by authors, leading publishers and discerning book collectors.

‘We give our judges an almost impossible task in agreeing on a single title for our 2016 Motoring Book of the Year,” said Peter Read, Motoring Committee Chairman, ‘however, there was broad consensus that Brian Redman’s book provides an exceptional mixture of excitement, poignancy, humour and information at a relatively affordable price. It is just so readable, as well as being an important and overdue addition to the list of British racing driver biographies’.

‘At the other end of the spectrum, our respect is immense for the work of Jonathan Wood in chronicling the little known achievements of Adrian Squire. It’s just the kind of book, where perhaps wide commercial prospects take second place to a venture of incredible research and writing, that our new Specialist Book Award is designed to celebrate’, continued Peter Read.

Attendees also enjoyed a one-to-one interview with legendary motoring author, journalist and historian Karl Ludvigsen by Graham Robson, discussing highlights of his vast career.

The audience then enjoyed a lively debate on the future of book publishing with a panel of six personalities from the motoring book world, including: Michael Sedgwick Trust chairman Peter Card, Octane journalist Mark Dixon, bookseller Ben Horton, columnist and collector Simon Taylor, and widely published author Johnny Tipler. Topics discussed included the ‘e-book vs real book’, to which Simon Taylor expressed his view that ‘part of the joy of the book is in the physicality…anything which is going to have life or merit, it’s got to be printed’. Peter Card agreed that ‘the book will last forever in that physical form, it doesn’t face the issue of being constantly re-designed or outdated like technology does’. The panel agreed that e-books are useful tools for additional learning, best thought of as a complimentary and not competitive to the printed book. Ben Horton stated that there’s been a ‘resurgence in print’ of late and that ‘the future of the printed book looks bright’.

Other contenders included the novel Fatal Pursuit by Martin Walker (Quercus); Bentley: The Vintage Years by Clare Hay (Number One Press); Maserati 250F: The Autobiography of 2528 by Ian Wagstaff (Porter Press); and Colin Crabbe: Thrill of the Chase by car hunter Colin Crabbe (Dalton Watson).

Judges for the Award were book reviewers Mick Walsh of Classic & Sports Car, Gordon Cruickshank of Motor Sport, motoring writer and broadcaster Henry Hope-Frost and Keith Adams of Classic Car Weekly. They were joined in their deliberations by two leading figures from the book-selling world, Ben Horton of Hortons Books and Christian Whitehead of London bookshop Foyles.

The Club congratulates both winners for their unique contribution to motoring publishing.

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