Club Christmas Cards

  • Over the years, the Club has played an important role as a patron of the arts. Since its founding it has steadily collected automotive art from some of the best motoring artists in history, and continues to do so until this day. The Club also commissions and buys art that reflects the history of its clubhouses, members and chairmen.

  • The Christmas period has typically inspired some beautiful, creative and sometimes playful art, as seen on the Club’s menus and seasonal greeting cards. This vibrant series of festive scenes around the Pall Mall and Woodcote Park clubhouses by Basil Smith offer a light and humourous tone to automotive art, which were to be used as designs for Club Christmas cards. This picture features the doorman, Ted Clark, who performed many years of service at the Club.

  • Basil Smith

    Basil Smith (1925-2010) was a skilled motoring artist specialising in early automobile drawings and cartoons in pen, ink and watercolours on hot press illustration boards.

    Smith was born in Hove, Sussex, he was educated at Xaverian College, Brighton and later went on to study at Brighton School of Art. He completed his art training in Brighton after the Second World War, where he served in the Navy. He worked in various advertising agencies in London whilst refining his skills and becoming a recognised designer and painter. He also painted plant and wildlife studies, and local scenes in Brighton.

  • Basil Smith’s work has been exhibited in various galleries in England and the United States, including the Botanical Artists' Exhibitions at Westminster and Hampton, and the Sussex Wildlife Artists at the Booth Natural History Museum. Due to his exceptional talent for drawing automobiles he was elected to the Guild of Motoring Artists.