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Event TypeExampleProcedure
YM Members only - no guestsSupper Club
  • Only Club members in the 18-40 age bracket may attend.
  • Those eligible to attend may book additional tickets but only for other members within this age bracket.
  • YM organised event - guests allowedSpring Ball
  • Club members outside the 18-40 age bracket are welcome to attend as a guest of a YM. They will be charged as a guest at the guest rate.
  • They must have their ticket booked by a Club member within the YM age bracket. They cannot book their own or additional guest tickets.
  • Those outside the YM age bracket may be billed for their own ticket at the guest rate.
  • This is to be the assumed standard procedure for YM organised events which allows guests.
  • If a waiting list is in place, members in the YM age bracket will be prioritised.
  • Especially selected YM organised eventsWoodcote Park Day
  • For some higher capacity events, the YMC may decide to expand the booking procedures.
  • It will be the YMC's responsibility to inform the Events team should these procedures be used.
  • Club members outside the YM age bracket are welcome to attend.
  • They may book their own tickets and other member tickets, but any additional guests must be booked by someone in the YM age bracket.
  • The waiting list will be prioritised according to the time of booking.