Squash is one of the leading activities at both clubhouses. Pall Mall has four squash courts, including a doubles court. At Woodcote Park there are two singles courts and two doubles courts.

The Club has more than 1500 squash playing members with over 250 playing regularly in the leagues, as well as many more playing socially or taking lessons from the professionals.

Squash has been an important activity in the Club for over 100 years. Since 1912, when three courts were built at Pall Mall, the Club has been a leader in the game’s development. From setting the standards around rules, size of courts and specification of balls, to establishing the first international match, competitions and leagues and setting up the first national governing body, Pall Mall is widely regarded as the spiritual home of squash.

The Club boasts an extensive fixture list in addition to competing in squash’s leading Club competitions.