Running Tips

Running is simple. It is about making a few decisions: to buy a pair of decent running shoes, to set an achievable goal and to stick to it. Follow these tips and a few more below to enjoy your running.

Check with your GP – If you have never run before or haven’t done so for a long time, it is a good idea to check with your GP before you start your new exercise regime.

Buy a good pair of running shoes – A good pair of running shoes will make runs more comfortable and help injury prevention. It is worth visiting a specialist running shop so you can ask for guidance on fit and support in relation to your running gait.

Stretch and warm up well – It is important to get your heart rate up, stretch your muscles and flex your joints before hitting the road for your comfort as well as safety.

Use the clubhouse as a basecamp – Use the facilities of the Club. After a long run in the cold, a hot shower is not only appreciated but helps reduce sore and stiff muscles the next day.

Get the help of a personal trainer – Both clubhouses have teams of experienced fitness instructors who offer personal training if you need a little extra motivation.

Set yourself a goal – This is important. For the complete running novice, it could be aiming after a few sessions on the treadmill in the gym to run a mile outside. For those with some experience of running but who want to develop their interest, there is no better way to concentrate the mind than to register for a race. It doesn’t have to be the London Marathon, there are plenty of races of varying distances across the country every week of the year. For Londoners, the Royal Parks provide plenty of options such as the Brooks Last Friday 5km in Hyde Park, or the Serpentine Handicap on the first Saturday of the month. There are 5km Park Runs that take place in many public parks around the UK, on Saturday mornings.