The Running Groups at Pall Mall and Woodcote Park provide like-minded members opportunities to enjoy a social runs in the areas around the clubhouses. The runs are not competitive and a variety of routes and paces are available for runners of all standards.

Pall Mall

Runs from Pall Mall make the most of the three Royal Parks a short distance from the clubhouse: St James’s, Green and Hyde Parks.

Runs are normally around 5 miles (8km) with a beginner’s option of around 3 miles (5km). It is a social run and all paces are welcome. Many of us meet up in the Long Bar afterwards for a drink and/or bite to eat.

Runs are on the first Monday of the month and leave Sports Reception at 7.00pm

Woodcote Park

With the Epsom Downs next to Woodcote Park, there are plenty of options for delightful country routes.

Runs are held every weekend (except for Easter and Christmas), on the first, third and fifth (if any) Sundays and on second and fourth Saturdays of the month.

All runs start at 9.00am, with runners meeting at Cedars Sports a few minutes before to stretch and warm up.

The run leader will ensure that COVID restrictions are adhered to.


Please email for further information.