The Photography Group is open to anyone who is interested in photography regardless of their photographic experience or ability. The group’s key objectives are to help members improve their photographic skills whilst having fun.

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The group normally holds events at both clubhouses, as well as at external venues. The lectures are mainly held in the winter leaving the summer months free for members to get out and take photos.

For more information and to book, please visit the Events section of this website.

The current programme includes:

  • Autumn Colours at Winkworth Arboretum
    Winkworth Arboretum
    Thursday 21 October, 10.00am
    This day out should provide, subject to climatic conditions, a great opportunity to catch Autumn in full flow. There are many opportunities throughout the venue to find attractive compositions including a large lake area, woodland with hopefully some magnificent colours of the Fall, and opportunities for wildlife spotting. This is a National Trust venue, so is free to NT members. Non-members will need to pay an entry fee, for which further information is to be found on their website. There is a tea-room on-site and facilities are available. You will need to make your own way there where we will meet at the entrance at 10.00am. Gillian Tiplady, Tony Outhwaite, and John Fisher from the Photography Committee will act as group leaders on the day.
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  • Tonbridge AV Group
    Woodcote Park, Cedar Room
    Wednesday 27 October, 7.30pm

    A talk for anyone who likes stunning images presented to a musical accompaniment.
    Tonbridge Camera Club is a large, well established and (when conditions allow) very active Photographic Club.
    As it is so large, it has sub groups for those interested in special subjects and one of the best known of these is the ‘Audio Visual Group’. The technology has changed over the years but members practice the art of taking a series of images and putting them to music. The ‘diehards’ of the genre will only use still images but short video clips are also used by others. The results, however, are completely different to a film or video.
    For the Club, two members of the Tonbridge Group will show their selection of short presentations on a wide variety of subjects. For those who are inspired by what they see, they will also give us a brief explanation of how to do it.
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  • Principles of Photography with Phil Savoie
    Online event
    Wednesday 10 November, 7.30pm

    Create images with impact! A photographic journey of self-improvement. Learn how to up your photo game with award-winning cameraman Phil Savoie.
    This talk covers topics not often discussed, from the science of our vision, lens testing and optical physics, eyeline and the psychology of perspective as well as the odd location war story.
    The thrust of Principles of Photography is to share easy, practical shooting methods resulting in a noticeable improvement straight away. The aim is to educate, increase visual intelligence  and inspire while having fun doing it. There will be professional tips for participants to grow as photographers in order to produce higher image quality, advance storytelling and to develop artistic acumen. Phil’s images cover all genres from landscape to sport, wildlife, people and astrophotography.
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  • Interesting Stuff with Justin Minns
    Online Event
    Wednesday 17 November, 7.30pm

    Justin Minns is an award winning professional landscape photographer, best known for his atmospheric images of East Anglia. However he has alsotravelled widely and runs photography workshops all over the world.
    ‘A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps me motivated, the question is what makes an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?’
    This promises to be a fascinating talk which will hopefully inspire others to improve their photography.
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  • Thames Log with Chloe Dewe Mathews
    Online Event
    Wednesday 24 November, 7.30pm

    British documentary photographer, Chloe Dewe Mathews is well known for her ambitious documentary projects that can take years of preparation.
    Chloe’s new project ‘Thames Log‘ examines the ever-changing nature of our relationship to water. From the source of the river Thames to its mouth, Chloe has photographed people enacting a range of rituals and routines at the water’s edge.
    Over the course of five years she has observed traditional, collective ceremonies as well as privately improvised acts; from ship spotting, mud larking and ceremonial boat burning, to Pentecostal baptisms, coracle missions and teenage rites of passage.
    Chloe will discuss her experiences making this project and her creative process transforming it into a book and an exhibition at the Martin Parr Foundation over the summer.
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  • Long Exposure with Joe Houghton
    Online Event
    Wednesday 1 December, 7.30pm

    Joe will be demonstrating the various techniques he employs for taking his very successful long exposure images, whether these are for shots taken at night, at sunset or in the blue hour; moving skies, blurred waterfalls, light trails, motion blur and so many other areas of photography where long exposure is the technique that will bring out those iconic images.
    He will also give a demonstration of merging light trails shot into a dynamic final image. Joe will show us how he carries out these techniques both in camera and in post-production. This is an opportunity to improve your skills in an area, that when done correctly can produce outstanding images and to learn from a master in this field.
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  • Creative Nature Photography with Guy Edwardes
    Online Event
    Wednesday 8 December, 7.30pm

    Guy has been a professional nature and landscape photographer for over 25 years and his work has been published widely around the world. He is the author of two books on photography technique and now leads over 30 photography workshops and tours around the world each year.
    His presentation will include over 125 nature images from around the world and he will explain some of the techniques used to achieve them, both in the field and in post production. Techniques such as fieldcraft, flight photography and the use of multi-flash set-ups will be covered. Please have a pen and paper at the ready to write down the tips that will be coming thick and fast!
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  • Architectural Photography, In Search Of The Genius Loci with Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa
    Online Event
    Wednesday 12 January 2022, 7.30pm

    Born in Bilbao and living in Ireland since 1990, Iñaki is a highly experienced and respected architectural photographer.
    He achieved Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation in 2013 followed by Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society
    in 2018 with two very diverse and distinctive bodies of work.
    During his talk Iñaki will explain some fundamentals in architectural photography, as well as some concepts that he applies in his work.
    He will also show and discuss his 2 Fellowships panels, very different in concept and execution. This will be followed by discussing
    in detail 50 of his images of some of the most renowned buildings in the world.
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  • The way I see it with Rosemary Wilman
    Woodcote Park
    Wednesday 26 January 2022, 7.30pm

    Rosemary returns to show us another from her series ‘The Way I See It’.
    This presentation will be largely based on landscapes taken in the USA, Norway and Iceland. To add some variety she will also present some UK work, including some ‘at home’ images taken during the pandemic.
    Her extraordinary images will be an inspiration to photographers of all standards. Rosemary will share some tips and welcome questions during the evening.
    To book your place, please email:
  • Landscapes of the British Isles with Guy Edwardes
    Online Event
    Wednesday 23 February 2022, 7.30pm

    Guy has been a professional landscape and nature photographer for over 25 years and his work has been widely published around the world. He is the author of two books on photography technique and he leads photography workshops and tours worldwide.
    This presentation will include over 120 images from around the UK showing some of his favourite photography locations.
    Guy’s talks are full of tips, advice and information on some of the techniques he uses to achieve his outstanding images, both in the field and post production.
    To book your place, please email: Please note booking opens on Wednesday 1 December.
  • Dazeley Discovers London’s Theatres
    Woodcote Park, Derby Room
    Wednesday 2 March 2022, 7.30pm

    As a born and bred Londoner and regular theatre goer, celebrated photographer, Peter Dazeley, BEM FRPS, had been intrigued to investigate and learn more about the history and what goes on behind the scenes in London’s amazing theatre buildings.
    Over a period of several years he gained permission to photograph London theatres, from the Grandes Dames of the West End, to some of the city’s smaller gems, the most famous and the least well-known.
    His project is about recording London Theatres as they stand in the 21st Century, offering a unique front-of-house and behind-the-scenes overview of the capital’s world-class theatrical spaces.
    The result is a glorious collection of images celebrating theatre in London and the beautiful buildings that house it.
    To book your place, please email: Please note booking opens on Wednesday 1 December.
  • Tales from the Bush with Andy Skillen
    Woodcote Park, Cedar Room
    Wednesday 16 March 2022, 7.30pm

    Andy has spent 25 years photographing the natural world for everyone from National Geographic to the BBC and a whole host of others in between. In this roller coaster of a talk, Andy discusses some of his most recent and memorable commissions as well as providing an insight into how long it can take to win the confidence of a subject to get some truly unique images of some of the world’s most iconic wildlife. Video, stills, music… and a smattering of humour should make for a truly entertaining evening!
    To book your place, please email: Please note booking opens on Wednesday 1 December.
  • A Feeling of Impressionism with Steven Le Prevost
    Online Event
    Wednesday 11 May 2022, 7.30pm

    Steven Le Prevost is undoubtedly a highly skilled photographer. His dedication to his art has been rewarded with many distinctions, including Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society, for whom he has gone on to serve on their Fine Art Panel.
    All of his work in recent years has been influenced by impressionism. His goal is to create pictures that portray mood, atmosphere and emotion. His aim is to challenge the fundamentals and boundaries of photography and to strive to be unique in his preferred style of photographic art.
    This talk will cover work from 2015 to present day, concentrating on three genres, still life, nautical and character studies.
    He will show work from three Fellowship panels, the methods he uses, his approach to being creative, the pictures that work and those that did not work.
    Booking will open in January 2022.