Ladies Events Committee

Ladies Events Committee

Hazel Frizell – Chairman
Mary Hutchison
Jane Brown
Sara Olsen
Gill Talpade
Janice Gaworska

Terms of Reference

1.Club Governance. So far as governance of the Club is concerned, the Board of the Royal Automobile Club Limited and The Committee (of the Club) are the same body (Rules 7- 12). Thus, the Board, which is elected by the membership, exercises sole authority over all aspects of the Club’s affairs.

2.Delegation of Authority. The Board delegates authority for the implementation of Club Strategy and the day-to-day management of the Club to the Secretary and the Club Management Committee. The Club’s four Standing Committees (Pall Mall, Woodcote Park, Elections, Motoring), Sub Committees and Activity Committees are established by the Board. The Board appoints members of Standing Committees and appoints Chairmen of Sub Committees, Activity Committees and Working Groups. The purpose of these Committees and Groups is to act as a sounding board, representing the interests of all members, and to provide advice to the Board and guidance to the Club Management Committee.

Ladies Events Committee

3.Purpose: To guide and oversee Ladies events at Woodcote Park with the purpose of bringing together female members to meet and enjoy each other’s company through attending relevant, stimulating and enjoyable events, in order to build and support the Club’s female community.

4.Officers of Committee:

  • Chairman. The Chairman will be nominated by the Ladies Events Committee, agreed by the Woodcote Park Committee and approved by the Board.
  • Vice Chairman. The Vice Chairman will be nominated by a majority of members of the Committee and submitted to the Woodcote Park Committee for approval. There is no automaticity of succession from Vice Chairman to Chairman or vice-versa.
  • Committee Members. The committee will be drawn from actively-involved, female Club members who are representative of the whole female membership. Members will have been Club members for a period of at least 3 years, or exceptionally less with the approval of the Chairman of the Woodcote Park Committee. In order to ensure female member representation, four roles are specified:
  • A female member who is under 60 years
  • A female member who is over 60 years
  • A female member who is working
  • A female member who is a mother of a young family (under the age of 13).

5.Numbers on Committee:

  • Maximum: Six

6.Quorum: Four. The Chairman shall have the casting vote, if necessary.

7.Appointment of new Members: Appointment of new Committee members will be by the recommendation by majority vote of the Committee, and the name of any person so proposed will be submitted to the Woodcote Park Committee for approval.

8.Term on Committee:

  • Chairman: The Chairman will ordinarily serve for a two-year term, renewable once by agreement of the Board to a maximum of four
  • Members: Three years, reviewable thereafter by the Chairman who may invite service for a further three-year term. Thereafter the Chairman may seek approval of the Woodcote Park Committee to offer further terms of one year each.  There will be no  limit on the number of one-year terms that may be served, but all such agreements will be reviewed and approved annually by the Woodcote Park Committee.

9.Frequency of Meetings. Approximately quarterly, with a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 meetings in any one calendar year. Meetings will be supported by management and, occasionally, by a member of the Woodcote Park Committee. Additionally, guests will be asked to attend the Committee as deemed appropriate by the Chairman.

10.Resolutions. Although it will be rare that a resolution requires a vote, each member of the Committee shall have one vote. Resolutions shall be passed by majority vote. Where an equal number of votes are cast for and against a resolution, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Chairman’s decision as to whether a resolution has been carried will be final.

11.Objectives: Reporting to the Woodcote Park Committee, the Ladies Events Committee is to:

  1. To represent the interests of the female members at Woodcote Park and build on the successful Ladies Lunches activity format established over many years.
  2. Oversee up to seven Ladies events per year; five Ladies lunches and two Ladies suppers ensuring that:
  • The events are geared to busy working members with pressure of time challenges; lunches from 1230-1500 and evening events from 1930-2200.
  • The lunches are oriented to speakers and forms of entertainment which cater for a discerning audience with a variety of interests.
  • The suppers are focused on professional/aspirational speakers for a younger/working audience.
  • Committee members are to; approve menus, guide the format of events and assist with seating plans, review feedback and use their influence to propose and/or find high-quality speakers/entertainers at a reasonable cost and within budget.
  • The Committee is to plan the events one year in advance and publish the annual programme using the Club Events procedures, including the Club website and Pell Mell and Woodcote.
  • The Committee is to seek to ensure inclusivity and a welcoming environment by:
    • Setting the tone to reinforce the social purpose of the events, welcoming new attendees and facilitating new introductions.
    • Ensure that committee members are identifiable at events to encourage engagement and feedback.
    • Monitor a first-come, first-served booking and waiting list system whilst ensuring that up to 10% of spaces are allocated to first-timers so that they can have an opportunity to attend.
  • The Club Management Committee is to support the Ladies Events Committee by:
    • Organising and delivering Ladies events at Woodcote Park, in accordance with guidance from the Ladies Events Committee.
    • Delivering swift service and accurate timekeeping, including ensuring that the speaker/entertainment performs at the advertised time, in order to attract members who work during the day and whose time is limited.
    • Providing a standardised menu with the only variations being for dietary requirements.
    • Ensure that parking and buggy-shuttle service is in place, particularly in inclement weather.
    • Providing tailored marketing and communications to reach out to female audiences across the Club and provide and survey feedback support.
  • Budget. The Ladies Committee is to oversee the Annual Activity Group Budget and routinely monitor expenditure to ensure that the events are delivered within budget. The guiding principle is that the price to the member covers the cost of their attendance while the Club subsidises the speaker or entertainment. Committee members will not pay for their meals