Frequently Asked Questions

What level of cyclist do I need to be?

We offer rides for three different ability groups:

  • Road Rides
    Beginner Riders– Approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours – Pace to suit the group
    Development Riders – Approximately 2 ½ hours – Average speed 12-14mph
    Intermediate/Advanced Riders – Approximately 2 ½ – 3 hours – Average speed 15-16mph
  • Off-Road Rides
    Beginner Riders: You will be able to ride for around 1.5 to 2 hours at a pace to the suit the group covering 5 to 10 miles.
    Development Riders: You will able to ride for around 2.5 hours at 5 to 8 mph on the flat with one or two hills covering 10 to 20 miles.
    Intermediate/Advanced Riders: You will be able to ride for 2.5 to 3 hours at around 8 to 10 mph over varied terrain including single track and small jumps.

How often do you run each type of ride?

On the first Sunday of each month we offer rides suitable for Developing Riders and Intermediate/Advanced Riders.

Four times a year we offer Beginners Rides on the first Sunday of the month for those trying out cycling for the first time or returning after a long layoff.

On the third Sunday of each month we offer Intermediate/Advanced Rides.

I’m a beginner, will I get left behind?

No, we operate a sweeper system for beginner rides. Whichever group you ride with we will always make sure you get back safely. Intermediate/Advanced riders will be expected to take responsibility for themselves and their bikes. We will assist with punctures and minor mechanical faults, but please make sure you bring along some spare inner tubes. In the case of a more serious fault or injury, one of the group will stay with you to make sure you and your bike are recovered safely. Please take a mobile phone with you in case you do manage to get separated from the group or need assistance. You can call one of the group or Cedars Sports Reception on 01372 229266.

What about off road?

Our off road rides operate on the same dates as our on road rides. The route and difficulty level are decided by the group on the day.

What about my bike?

Your bike needs to be in good condition with the tyres fully inflated. The ride description will include reference to the type of bike that is suitable:

  • Road Bike
  • Mountain Bike
  • Hybrid Bike

For the safety of the group and to ensure a consistent speed you will not be allowed to ride if you are on the wrong bike or if it is not in the appropriate condition.

Can I use an e-bike?

Yes, e-bikes are suitable for the majority of the shorter Club Open Rides. Due to the longer distance, hilly terrain and their limited battery life, they are not well suited for the Roll-Up Rides. Please make sure your e-bike is fully charged before you start the ride.

What equipment do I need to bring?

You must wear a helmet and carry a mobile phone. We also recommend cycling kit, padded shorts, clip in shoes, but they are not mandatory. Spare inner tubes, water and energy snacks are all recommended. Don’t forget to bring some money to pay for drinks at the coffee stops.

Can I bring guests?

Yes absolutely, just make sure you register them. Members must accompany and take full responsibility for their guests.

What about the weather?

We are a pretty hardy bunch so go out if we believe it is safe however, rides can be subject to last-minute changes due to poor weather. We use an online registration process for our rides. This enables us to contact all registered riders in case of any last minute changes.

Do I need to wear a Club Cycling jersey?

There is no requirement to wear a Club jersey. If you do decide to ride with us on a regular basis, wearing one does help you to get recognised more readily. Some parts of Surrey are quite popular for cyclists and riders can often get mistaken for ones from other clubs.

How can the gym help my cycling?

Improve your cycling capability outdoors by complimenting your efforts with indoor gym-based conditioning. The gym can provide you with the equipment and know-how to get the most out of your time in the saddle.