Cycling Committee

Committee Members

Chris Saxon (Chairman) – elected November 2020, renewal or retirement November 2023
Mark Austin – elected November 2013, renewal or retirement November 2022
Mike Cannavina – elected October 2016, renewal or retirement October 2022
Stephen Frizell – elected January 2021, renewal or retirement January 2024
Chris Gammon (Treasurer) – elected June 2019, renewal or retirement June 2022
Claire Jones – elected July 2016, renewal or retirement July 2022
Inna Wearn – elected April 2021, renewal or retirement April 2024
Tony Whitehead – elected June 2019, renewal or retirement June 2022

Latest Meeting Action Points – 26 April 2021

Terms of Reference

1. Club Governance. So far as governance of the Club is concerned, the Board of the Royal Automobile Club Limited and The Committee (of the Club) are the same body (Rules 7- 12). Thus, the Board, which is elected by the membership, exercises sole authority over all aspects of the Club’s affairs.

2. Delegation of Authority. The Board delegates authority for the implementation of Club Strategy and the day-to-day management of the Club to the Secretary and the Club Management Committee. The Club’s four Standing Committees (Pall Mall, Woodcote Park, Elections, Motoring), Sub Committees and Activity Committees are established by the Board. The Board appoints members of
Standing Committees and appoints Chairmen of Sub Committees, Activity Committees and Working Groups. The purpose of these Committees and Groups is to act as a sounding board, representing the interests of all members, and to provide advice to the Board and guidance to the Club Management Committee.

Cycling Committee

3. Officers of Committee:
• Chairman. The Chairman will be appointed by the Board.
• Vice Chairman. Appointed annually by the Committee.
• Committee Members.
• Standing Member (non-voting). Only if required, see paragraph 8.

4. Numbers on Committee:
• Minimum. Five
• Maximum. Nine

5. Appointment of Officers. Any new appointment shall be by recommendation by majority vote of the Committee. The name of any person so proposed will be submitted to the Woodcote Park House Committee for approval. No Honorary positions such as President will be permitted.

6. Composition. All committees are to aim for no more than two thirds of their committee members to be of the same gender and are to report annually to the Woodcote Park House Committee on gender composition.

7. Term on Committee.
a. Committee Members. Two terms of three years, renewable thereafter by the Chairman of the Committee, who must seek approval from the Woodcote Park House Committee to offer further terms of one year each year up to a maximum of nine years.
b. Chairman. The Chairman may serve a maximum of six years as a Committee Member and a further six years as Chairman, up to a maximum of 12 years in the aggregate.

8. Standing Member. Committees may be allowed to appoint one standing member on the committee, in addition to rotating committee members, once they have served on a committee for a maximum of nine years, but only by exception and only if they provide a function which is essential to the successful conduct of that activity. The standing member is not a full member of the committee, has no voting rights and cannot be the Chairman or Vice Chairman. Standing members are to be identified in formal documents, such as minutes of meetings.

9. Quorum. Not less than 50% of the members and the Chairman of the meeting shall have an additional casting vote if necessary.

10. Frequency of Meetings. Minimum four per year.

11. Objectives. The committee has two core objectives which are listed below:
a. With management, to promote cycling for the benefit of the members of the Royal Automobile Club, with the main base being at Cedars Sports at Woodcote Park.
b. To embrace all ages and abilities of cyclists, both on road and off road.

12. Responsibilities. The Committee has two responsibilities which are listed below:
a. Annual Reporting. Committees are required to submit an end-of-year report to the Club Secretary and the Woodcote Park House Committee by 30 November on the activities conducted during the year, to seek authority for extensions of standing committee members and to report on gender composition and succession plans. This will be considered alongside the budget for the forthcoming year.
b. Representation. All committee members are representatives of the Club and have a responsibility to behave in accordance with the Club’s values, internally at Club events and activities, and externally when representing the Club.

13. Communications and Branding. Committees are to ensure that all communications are in accordance with the Club Communications Guide (including the Gender Inclusive Language Guide), and are compliant with General Data Protection Regulations 2018, seeking approval, support and guidance from the Club’s Communications Department. All branded products and merchandise, such as team sports clothes, are to be designed in accordance with the Club’s Brand Guidelines, requiring approval from the Head of Communications prior to production.