Pall Mall Book Club

Pall Mall Book Club

Hosted by Club Librarian, Trevor Dunmore, the PM Book Club has discussed a wide variety of books over the last ten years. The general theme is to concentrate on contemporary (and occasionally classic) works of fiction, with biographies occasionally entering the mix. A member is welcome to put forward his/her own suggestion and then host that evening.

For any further information about the schedule or the selected books please contact Trevor, 020 77474 3398 or email:

For general administrative enquiries, please contact the Committees’ Events Manager: Karolina Delig:

Book Club Schedule for November and December 2021

Monday 1 November, 7.00pm. Library. House of Names (Colm Tóibín)
On the day of his daughter’s wedding, Agamemnon orders her sacrifice. His daughter is led to her death, and Agamemnon leads his army into battle, where he is rewarded with glorious victory. Three years later, he returns home, and his murderous action has set the entire family – mother, brother, sister – on a path of intimate violence, as they enter a world of hushed commands and soundless journeys through the palace’s dungeons and bedchambers.

Monday 6 December, 6.30pm. Library/ St James’s Room(Christmas Dinner). The Girl Who Died (Ragnar Jónasson)
After her father’s sudden, tragic suicide, Una spends her nights drinking alone in Reykjavik, stricken with thoughts that she might one day follow in his footsteps. Taking a teaching job in the tiny village of Skálar, she quickly realises nothing in city life has prepared her for this.