Rules and Guidance

Whilst COVID-19 restrictions apply, the following rules and guidance for the Pall Mall Billiards Room will operate until further notice. Members should also apply these as appropriate when playing at Woodcote Park.

General Rules

The Billiards Room is available Monday – Friday from midday to 10pm to Members and guests (maximum of one guest per Member). The Billiards Room will be closed at weekends. During opening hours, entry will be controlled and monitored by the Club Professional on duty.  The final frame of play must have started by no later than 9pm.

Tuesday from 5.00 pm onwards is ‘Club night’ when the Billiards Room will be available to Members only. Non-playing Members and guests are not allowed in the Billiards Room.

Masks are required to be worn when entering and leaving the Billiards Room, but are not required during play.

Table sessions must be booked in advance with the Club Professional (Tel 020 7747 3273).

Each session can be up to a maximum of 2 hours. The Club Professional will look to pair-up a Member with another, if requested. A maximum of two players per table are allowed.

Social distancing will be in operation.

Conduct within the Billiards Room should remain respectful to and for the benefit of all Members and their guests.


Access to hand sanitiser will be provided at each table and at the entrance to the Billiards Room. Members are encouraged to sanitise their own cues and equipment before and after play.

Club cues will be allocated by the Club Professional and these will be sanitised before and after use. Club snooker balls will be cleaned and wiped after every session. Tables and equipment will be sanitised after every session, with special attention to touch points, such as table edges, scoreboards and triangles.

Members are reminded that billiards chalk should not be placed on the side cushions, nor coins tossed over the table.

Food is not permitted in the Billiards Room (this now includes nuts and other snacks).


Players are requested to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds prior to entering the Billiards Room and keep their hands sanitised regularly during play.

No shaking hands before or after play.

Players are required to sit at opposite ends of the billiards table when not in play.

The player at the baulk end is responsible for all scoring on the scoreboard. The other player is responsible for re-spotting and other referee’s duties during play. This is to limit cross-contamination, as far as possible.

Players should avoid unnecessary touching of the table, as far as possible.

Players must use their own chalk and cue towel. Sanitised chalk will be available from the Club Professional, if required.

Do not share equipment. The Club Professional will allocate a sanitised rest for each player.

Players should socially distance by staying at least two metres apart from others at all times.