In-House Chess Competitions – General Rules

A player may not claim a win on time if he or she has insufficient material to checkmate the opponent. Insufficient material is defined as: 1. Lone King; 2. King and Bishop; 3. King and Knight.

All players are requested to make every effort to play their match as early as possible, preferably on a Thursday evening at the Club. The result of the match must be appended to the Chess Notice Board in the ground floor foyer of the Pall Mall clubhouse. Failure to do so will result in both players being scratched at midnight on the last designated day of play unless the Competitions Secretary has been previously informed in writing (email or letter).

In the event of a match not being played by the due date the Competitions Secretary will take the following action: the second-named player will go through by right provided that the first-named player has been deemed to have made no reasonable effort to organise the match; however, should that first-named player be deemed to have made that reasonable effort with no reasonable response from the second-named player, the first-named player will go through to the next round. ‘Reasonable’ is defined in this context as ‘making proper contact at least two weeks before the ‘play by’ date, giving at least two alternative dates as to when the match can be played’.

Any match played on the ‘play by’ date that results in a draw (with insufficient time to replay the match that day) will be resolved by the ‘toss of a coin’.

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